tox installation

Install info in a nutshell

Pythons: CPython 2.7 and 3.4 or later, Jython-2.5.1, pypy-1.9ff

Operating systems: Linux, Windows, OSX, Unix

Installer Requirements: setuptools

License: MIT license

git repository:

Installation with pip

Use the following command:

pip install tox

It is fine to install tox itself into a virtualenv environment.

Install from clone

Consult the GitHub page how to clone the git repository:

and then install in your environment with something like:

$ cd <path/to/clone>
$ pip install .

or install it editable if you want code changes to propagate automatically:

$ cd <path/to/clone>
$ pip install --editable .

so that you can do changes and submit patches.

[Linux/macOS] Install via your package manager

You can also find tox packaged for many Linux distributions and Homebrew for macOs - usually under the name of python-tox or simply tox. Be aware though that there also other projects under the same name (most prominently a secure chat client with no affiliation to this project), so make sure you install the correct package.