Release History

v4.15.1 (2024-06-05)

Features - 4.15.1

  • Fix skip_missing_interpreters option for package = wheel (#3269)

Bugfixes - 4.15.1

  • Fix section substitution with setenv. (#3262)

  • Allow ConfigSet.add_config to receive parameterized generics for of_type. (#3288)

v4.15.0 (2024-04-26)

Features - 4.15.0

  • Add support for multiple appending override options (-x, –override) on command line - by @amitschang. (#3261)

  • Add support for inverting exit code success criteria using bang (!) (#3271)

Bugfixes - 4.15.0

  • Fix issue that the leading character c was dropped from packages in constraints files - by @jugmac00. (#3247)

  • Allow appending to deps with --override testenv.deps+=foo - by @stefanor. (#3256)

  • Fix non-existing branch rewrite in the documentation to main. (#3257)

  • Update test typing for build 1.2.0, which has an explicit Distribution type - by @stefanor. (#3260)

  • Fix broken input parsing for --discover flag. - by @mimre25 (#3272)

Improved Documentation - 4.15.0

  • Rephrase --discover flag’s description to avoid confusion between paths and executables. - by @mimre25 (#3274)

v4.14.2 (2024-03-22)

Bugfixes - 4.14.2

  • Add provision arguments to ToxParser to fix crash when provisioning new tox environment without list-dependencies by @seyidaniels (#3190)

Improved Documentation - 4.14.2

  • Removed unused line from the ‘fresh_subprocess’ documentation. (#3241)

v4.14.1 (2024-03-06)

Bugfixes - 4.14.1

  • Fix crash with fresh subprocess, if the build backend is setuptools automatically enable fresh subprocesses for build backend calls - by @gaborbernat. (#3235)

v4.14.0 (2024-03-05)

Features - 4.14.0

  • Support enabling fresh subprocess for packaging build backends via fresh_subprocess - by @gaborbernat. (#3227)

  • Allow plugins attaching additional information to --version via tox_append_version_info method in the plugin module - by @gaborbernat. (#3234)

v4.13.0 (2024-02-16)

Features - 4.13.0

  • Extract virtual environment packaging code to its own base class not tied to virtualenv - by @gaborbernat. (#3221)

Improved Documentation - 4.13.0

  • Documented usage of pytest with tox run-parallel - by @faph. (#3187)

  • Configuration: state in config directive sections their ini file sections - by @0cjs. (#3194)

  • Development: summarize important points experienced developers need to know - by @0cjs. (#3197)

v4.12.1 (2024-01-16)

Bugfixes - 4.12.1

  • Fixed bug where running with –installpkg and multiple envs could not clean up between tests (#3165)

v4.12.0 (2024-01-11)

Features - 4.12.0

  • Always pass FORCE_COLOR and NO_COLOR to the environment (#3171)

Bugfixes - 4.12.0

  • --parallel-no-spinner flag now implies --parallel (#3158)

Improved Documentation - 4.12.0

  • -Fix open an issue link in development.rst (#3179)

v4.11.4 (2023-11-27)

Bugfixes - 4.11.4

  • Fix terminal size of tox subcommands (fixes ipython, ipdb, prompt_toolkit, …). (#2999)

  • Fix quickstart command from requiring root positional argument (#3084)

  • Added ‘AppData’ to the default passed environment variables on Windows. (#3151)

Improved Documentation - 4.11.4

v4.11.3 (2023-09-08)

Bugfixes - 4.11.3

  • Handle FileNotFoundError when the base_python interpreter doesn’t exist (#3105)

Improved Documentation - 4.11.3

  • Explain how plugins are registered and discovered - by @hashar. (#3116)

v4.11.2 (2023-09-07)

Bugfixes - 4.11.2

  • Fix bug in config.rst by removing stray colons left over from (#3111) - by @posita. (#3118)

  • Provide example to make CLI help more helpful for -x`/–override`` - by @posita. (#3119)

Improved Documentation - 4.11.2

v4.11.1 (2023-09-01)

Bugfixes - 4.11.1

  • Allow passing in multiple overrides using the ; character and fix , being used as splitting values - by @gaborbernat. (#3112)

v4.11.0 (2023-08-29)

Features - 4.11.0

  • Add support for setting build backend config_settings in the configuration file - by @gaborbernat. (#3090)

v4.10.0 (2023-08-21)

Features - 4.10.0

  • Change accepted environment name rule: must be made up of factors defined in configuration or match regex (pypy|py|cython|)((\d(\.\d+(\.\d+)?)?)|\d+)?. If an environment name does not match this fail, and if a close match found suggest that to the user. (#3099)

Bugfixes - 4.10.0

  • --override foo+=bar appending syntax will now work correctly when foo wasn’t defined in tox.ini. (#3100)

v4.9.0 (2023-08-16)

Features - 4.9.0

  • Disallow command line environments which are not explicitly specified in the config file - by @tjsmart. (#2858)

v4.8.0 (2023-08-12)

Features - 4.8.0

  • --override can now take options in the form of foo+=bar which will append bar to the end of an existing list/dict, rather than replacing it. (#3087)

v4.7.0 (2023-08-08)

Features - 4.7.0

  • Make –hashseed default to PYTHONHASHSEED, if defined - by @paravoid. The main motivation for this is to able to set the hash seed when building the documentation with “tox -e docs”, and thus avoid embedding a random value in the tox documentation for –help. This caused documentation builds to fail to build reproducibly. (#2942)

Bugfixes - 4.7.0

  • Update a regular expression in tests to match the exception message in both Python 3.12 and older. (#3065)

Improved Documentation - 4.7.0

v4.6.4 (2023-07-06)

Bugfixes - 4.6.4

  • Fix hang and zombie process on interrupt (CTRL-C). (#3056)

v4.6.3 (2023-06-19)

Bugfixes - 4.6.3

  • Ensure that get_requires_for_build_wheel is called before prepare_metadata_for_build_wheel, and get_requires_for_build_editable is called before prepare_metadata_for_build_editable - by @abravalheri. (#3043)

Improved Documentation - 4.6.3

  • Linked environment variable substitutions docs in set_env and pass_env config docs. (#3039)

v4.6.2 (2023-06-16)

Bugfixes - 4.6.2

  • Avoid cache collision between editable wheel build and normal wheel build – by @f3flight. (#3035)

v4.6.1 (2023-06-15)

No significant changes.

v4.6.0 (2023-06-05)

Features - 4.6.0

  • Added --list-dependencies and --no-list-dependencies CLI parameters. If unspecified, defaults to listing when in CI, but not otherwise. (#3024)

Misc - 4.6.0

v4.5.1 (2023-05-25)

Bugfixes - 4.5.1

v4.5.0 (2023-04-24)

Features - 4.5.0

  • When run with verbosity=1, the per-step timing summaries are suppressed at the end of the run. Thanks to @nedbat at the PyCon 2023 sprints. (#2891)

Improved Documentation - 4.5.0

  • Add FAQ entry on how to test EOL Python versions by @jugmac00. (#2989)

v4.4.12 (2023-04-13)

Bugfixes - 4.4.12

  • Avoid race conditions in tests using the demo_pkg_inline fixture. (#2985)

v4.4.11 (2023-04-05)

Bugfixes - 4.4.11

  • Fixed an issue where a tox plugin couldn’t change the value of tox_root. (#2966)

v4.4.10 (2023-04-05)

Bugfixes - 4.4.10

  • Fix issue where work_dir was not correctly including tox_root for test runs. (#2933)

v4.4.9 (2023-04-05)

Bugfixes - 4.4.9

  • Instead of raising UnicodeDecodeError when command output includes non-utf-8 bytes, tox will now use surrogateescape error handling to convert the unrecognized bytes to escape sequences according to PEP 383 - by @masenf. (#2969)

Improved Documentation - 4.4.9

  • Document running tox within a Docker container. (#1035)

  • Added python version 3.11 to installation.rst. (#2964)

v4.4.8 (2023-03-26)

Bugfixes - 4.4.8

  • tox.ini is now included in source distributions in order to make all tests pass. (#2939)

  • Fix --index-url and --find-links being used together in requirements.txt files. (#2959)

v4.4.6 (2023-02-21)

Bugfixes - 4.4.6

  • Plugins are now able to access tox.ini config sections using a custom prefix with the same suffix / name as a tox testenv - by @masenf (#2926)

v4.4.5 (2023-02-07)

Bugfixes - 4.4.5

  • Ignore labels when tox will provision a runtime environment (.tox) so that environment configurations which depend on provisioned plugins or specific tox versions are not accessed in the outer tox process where the configuration would be invalid - by @masenf. (#2916)

v4.4.4 (2023-01-31)

Bugfixes - 4.4.4

v4.4.3 (2023-01-30)

Bugfixes - 4.4.3

  • Tox will now expand self-referential extras discovered in package deps to respect local modifications to package metadata. This allows a package extra to explicitly depend on another package extra, which previously only worked with non-static metadata - by @masenf. (#2904)

v4.4.2 (2023-01-25)

Bugfixes - 4.4.2

  • Allow the user configuration file (default <appdir>/tox/config.ini) to be overridden via the TOX_USER_CONFIG_FILE environment variable. Previously tox was looking at the TOX_CONFIG_FILE to override the user configuration, however that environment variable is already used to override the main configuration - by @masenf. (#2890)

v4.4.1 (2023-01-25)

Bugfixes - 4.4.1

  • In tox 4.4.0 constrain_package_deps was introduced with a default value of True. This has been changed back to False, which restores the original behavior of tox 4.3.5 - by @masenf. (#2897)

v4.4.0 (2023-01-25)

Features - 4.4.0

  • Test environments now recognize boolean config keys constrain_package_deps (default=true) and use_frozen_constraints (default=false), which control how tox generates and applies constraints files when performing install_package_deps.

    If constrain_package_deps is true (default), then tox will write out {env_dir}{/}constraints.txt and pass it to pip during install_package_deps. If use_frozen_constraints is false (default), the constraints will be taken from the specifications listed under deps (and inside any requirements or constraints file referenced in deps). Otherwise, list_dependencies_command (pip freeze) is used to enumerate exact package specifications which will be written to the constraints file.

    In previous releases, conflicting package dependencies would silently override the deps named in the configuration, resulting in test runs against unexpected dependency versions, particularly when using tox factors to explicitly test with different versions of dependencies - by @masenf. (#2386)

Bugfixes - 4.4.0

  • When parsing command lines, use shlex(..., posix=True), even on windows platforms, since non-POSIX mode does not handle escape characters and quoting like a shell would. This improves cross-platform configurations without hacks or esoteric quoting.

    To make this transition easier, on Windows, the backslash path separator will not treated as an escape character unless it precedes a quote, whitespace, or another backslash character. This allows paths to mostly be written in single or double backslash style.

    Note that double-backslash will no longer be escaped to a single backslash in substitutions, instead the double backslash will be consumed as part of command splitting, on either posix or windows platforms.

    In some instances superfluous double or single quote characters may be stripped from arg arrays in ways that do not occur in the default windows cmd.exe shell - by @masenf. (#2635)

Improved Documentation - 4.4.0

  • Add information when command from list_dependencies_command configuration option is used. (#2883)

v4.3.5 (2023-01-18)

Bugfixes - 4.3.5

  • When building a wheel or editable package with a PEP 517 backend, no longer pass an empty metadata_directory to the backend build_wheel or build_editable endpoint.

    Some backends, such as PDM and poetry, will not generate package metadata in the presence of a metadata_directory, even if it is empty.

    Prior to this change, attempting to install a wheel created by tox using PDM or poetry would return an error like “There is no item named ‘my-package.0.1.dist-info/WHEEL’ in the archive” - by @masenf. (#2880)

v4.3.4 (2023-01-17)

Bugfixes - 4.3.4

  • When executing via the provisioning environment (.tox by default), run tox in working directory of the parent process.

    Prior to this change (from tox 4.0.0), the provisioned tox would execute with {tox_root} as the working directory, which breaks when a relative path is passed to -c or --conf and tox is executed in a working directory other than {tox_root} - by @masenf. (#2876)

Misc - 4.3.4

v4.3.3 (2023-01-16)

Bugfixes - 4.3.3

  • The provision environment (.tox) will never inherit from testenv. During provisioning, other test environments are not processed, allowing the use of keys and values that may be registered by later tox version or provisioned plugins - by @masenf. (#2862)

v4.3.2 (2023-01-16)

Bugfixes - 4.3.2

  • Fix regression introduced in 4.3.0 which occurred when a substitution expression for an environment variable that had previously been substituted appears in the ini file after a substitution expression for a different environment variable. This situation erroneously resulted in an exception about “circular chain between set” of those variables - by @masenf. (#2869)

v4.3.1 (2023-01-15)

Bugfixes - 4.3.1

  • Fix regression introduced in 4.3.0 by expanding substitution expressions ({...}) that result from a previous subsitution’s replacement value (up to 100 times). Note that recursive expansion is strictly depth-first; no replacement value will ever affect adjacent characters nor will expansion ever occur over the result of more than one replacement - by @masenf. (#2863)

v4.3.0 (2023-01-15)

Features - 4.3.0

  • Rewrite substitution replacement parser - by @masenf

    • \ acts as a proper escape for \ in ini-style substitutions

    • The resulting value of a substitution is no longer reprocessed in the context of the broader string. (Prior to this change, ini-values were repeatedly re-substituted until the expression no longer had modifications)

    • Migrate and update “Substitutions” section of Configuration page from v3 docs.

    • find_replace_part is removed from tox.config.loader.ini.replace

    • New names exported from tox.config.loader.ini.replace:
      • find_replace_expr

      • MatchArg

      • MatchError

      • MatchExpression

      • Note: the API for replace itself is unchanged. (#2732)

  • Improved documentation for factors and test env names - by @stephenfin. (#2852)

v4.2.8 (2023-01-11)

Bugfixes - 4.2.8

  • Allow using package names with env markers for pip’s --no-binary and --only-binary options - by @q0w. (#2814)

v4.2.7 (2023-01-11)

Bugfixes - 4.2.7

  • A testenv with multiple factors, one of which conflicts with a base_python setting in tox.ini, will now use the correct Python interpreter version - by @stephenfin. (#2838)

  • Explicitly list wheel as requirement for the tests, as some of the tests error without it. (#2843)

  • tox has reverted support for Python factors that include PATCH release info (e.g. py3.10.1), build architecture (e.g. pypy3-64) or do not define a py prefix or other supported prefix (e.g. 3.10). These complex factors were initially supported with the release of tox 4.0 but has proven complicated to support. Instead, the simple factors supported by tox 3 e.g. (py310, pypy3) or period-separated equivalent (py3.10) introduced in tox 4 should be used. Users who wish to specify more specific Python version information should configure the base_python setting - by @stephenfin. (#2848)

v4.2.6 (2023-01-06)

Bugfixes - 4.2.6

  • Handle properly pip --no-binary / --only-binary options in requirements.txt format files. (#2814)

v4.2.5 (2023-01-06)

Bugfixes - 4.2.5

  • The combination of usedevelop = true and --skip-missing-interpreters=false will no longer fail for environments that were not invoked - by @stephenfin. (#2811)

  • Fix an attribute error when use_develop = true is set and an unsupported interpreter version is requested - by @stephenfin. (#2826)

  • tox returns a non-zero error code if all envs are skipped. It will now correctly do this if only a single env was requested and this was skipped - by @stephenfin. (#2827)

v4.2.4 (2023-01-05)

Bugfixes - 4.2.4

  • Setting [testenv] basepython = python3 will no longer override the Python interpreter version requested by a factor, such as py311 - by @stephenfin. (#2754)

  • Also accept tab after colon before factor filter expansion - by @pdecat. (#2823)

v4.2.3 (2023-01-04)

Bugfixes - 4.2.3

  • devenv does not respect the specified path when the package is a wheel file - by @gaborbernat. (#2815)

  • Require space after colon before factor filter expansion, unless it is the last character of the line - by @pdecat. (#2822)

v4.2.2 (2023-01-04)

Bugfixes - 4.2.2

  • Add CC, CFLAGS, CCSHARED, CXX, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, PKG_CONFIG and PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR to the default passed through environment variables list as these are needed for building various C-extensions - by @gaborbernat. (#2818)

v4.2.1 (2023-01-03)

Bugfixes - 4.2.1

  • Fix extracting extras from markers with more than 2 extras in an or chain - by @dconathan. (#2791)

v4.2.0 (2023-01-03)

Features - 4.2.0

  • Packaging environments now inherit from the pkgenv section, allowing to set all your packaging options in one place, and support the deps key to set additional dependencies that will be installed after pyproject.toml static requires but before backends dynamic requires - by @gaborbernat. (#2543)

Improved Documentation - 4.2.0

  • Document breaking changes with tox 4 and packaging environments - by @gaborbernat. (#2543)

  • Document how to handle environments whose names match tox subcommands - by @sirosen. (#2728)

v4.1.3 (2023-01-02)

Bugfixes - 4.1.3

Improved Documentation - 4.1.3

  • Add breaking-change documentation for empty install_command values - by @jayaddison. (#2695)

Misc - 4.1.3

v4.1.2 (2022-12-30)

Bugfixes - 4.1.2

  • Fix --skip-missing-interpreters behavior - by @q0w. (#2649)

  • Restore tox 3 behavior of showing the output of pip freeze, however now only active when running inside a CI environment - by @gaborbernat. (#2685)

  • Fix extracting extras from markers with many extras - by @q0w. (#2791)

v4.1.1 (2022-12-29)

Bugfixes - 4.1.1

  • Fix logging error with emoji in git branch name. (#2768)

Improved Documentation - 4.1.1

v4.1.0 (2022-12-29)

Features - 4.1.0

  • -f can be used multiple times and on hyphenated factors (e.g. -f py311-django -f py39) - by @sirosen. (#2766)

Improved Documentation - 4.1.0

  • Fix a grammatical typo in docs/user_guide.rst. (#2787)

v4.0.19 (2022-12-28)

Bugfixes - 4.0.19

  • Create temp_dir if not exists - by @q0w. (#2770)

v4.0.18 (2022-12-26)

Bugfixes - 4.0.18

  • Strip leading and trailing whitespace when parsing elements in requirement files - by @gaborbernat. (#2773)

v4.0.17 (2022-12-25)

Features - 4.0.17

  • Suppress a report output when verbosity = 0. (#2697)

Bugfixes - 4.0.17

  • Fix --sdistonly behavior. (#2653)

  • Override toxworkdir with –workdir. (#2654)

v4.0.16 (2022-12-20)

Bugfixes - 4.0.16

v4.0.15 (2022-12-19)

Bugfixes - 4.0.15

  • Fix tox auto-provisioning not working and relax min_version default from 4.0 to no version constraint - by @gaborbernat. (#2634)

  • Fix assertion in test_result_json_sequential when interpreter _base_executable is a hardlink (macOS homebrew) - by @masenf. (#2720)

  • Complex negative factor filters not working - by @gaborbernat. (#2747)

v4.0.14 (2022-12-18)

Bugfixes - 4.0.14

  • Do not include non test environment sections or factor filters in INI configuration to factor discovery - by @gaborbernat. (#2746)

v4.0.13 (2022-12-17)

Bugfixes - 4.0.13

  • A plain section in INI configuration matching a tox environment name shadowed the laters configuration - by @gaborbernat. (#2636)

  • Fix space not accepted in factor filter expression - by @gaborbernat. (#2718)

v4.0.12 (2022-12-16)

Bugfixes - 4.0.12

  • If tox is running in a tty, allocate a pty (pseudo terminal) for commands and copy termios attributes to show colors and improve interactive use - by @masenf. (#1773)

  • Fix python hash seed not being set - by @gaborbernat. (#2645)

  • Fix legacy CLI flags --pre, --force-deps, --sitepackages and --alwayscopy not working, and mark them as deprecated - by @gaborbernat. (#2690)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.12

  • Document user level config. (#2633)

v4.0.11 (2022-12-14)

Features - 4.0.11

  • Modified handling of NO_COLOR environment variable, consistent with de facto conventions: any non-empty string will enable NO_COLOR (disable colorized output); no NO_COLOR variable or NO_COLOR with an empty string will disable NO_COLOR (enable colorized output) - by @ptmcg. (#2719)

Bugfixes - 4.0.11

  • TOX_SKIP_ENV environment variable now works again, and can also be set via the CLI argument --skip-env for any command where -e can be set - by @mgedmin. (#2698)

  • tox config should only show env_list arguments by default instead of ALL - by @gaborbernat. (#2726)

v4.0.10 (2022-12-14)

Features - 4.0.10

  • Add py_dot_ver and py_impl constants to environments to show the current Python implementation and dot version (e.g. 3.11) for the current environment. These can be also used as substitutions in tox.ini - by @gaborbernat. (#2640)

Bugfixes - 4.0.10

  • --help now reports the default verbosity level (which is WARNING) correctly. (#2707)

v4.0.9 (2022-12-13)

Features - 4.0.9

v4.0.8 (2022-12-11)

Bugfixes - 4.0.8

  • Fix multiple substitution on factor filtering in tox.ini when multiple factor filters match - by @gaborbernat. (#2650)

  • Fix regression in requirements.txt parsing - by @gaborbernat. (#2682)

v4.0.7 (2022-12-11)

Bugfixes - 4.0.7

v4.0.6 (2022-12-10)

Features - 4.0.6

v4.0.5 (2022-12-09)

Bugfixes - 4.0.5

  • Normalize extra names passed in (fixes extra groups not being picked up during installation) - by @gaborbernat. (#2655)

v4.0.4 (2022-12-09)

Bugfixes - 4.0.4

  • Disable logging from distlib.util and filelock as these log messages are too verbose - by @gaborbernat. (#2655)

  • Use !r and repr() to better display erroneous values in exception from StrConverter.to_bool() - by @ptmcg. (#2665)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.4

  • Document that running --showconfig or --help-ini with the -v flag will add interleaved debugging information, whereas tox v3 added extra lines at the start - by @jugmac00. (#2622)

  • Document that tox v4 errors when using -U when defining dependencies via deps - by @jugmac00. (#2631)

v4.0.3 (2022-12-08)

Bugfixes - 4.0.3

  • Always set environment variable PYTHONIOENCODING to utf-8 to ensure tox works under Windows custom encodings - by @gaborbernat. (#2422)

  • Ensure change_dir is created if does not exist before executing commands - by @gaborbernat. (#2620)

  • Pass through NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS on Windows as is needed for multiprocessing.cpu_count - by @gaborbernat. (#2629)

  • The core tox configuration now contains host_python key showing the host python executable path - by @gaborbernat. (#2630)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.3

  • Document that space separator is no longer valid for the passenv and instead one should use comma - by @gaborbernat. (#2615)

  • Document necessity to escape # within INI configuration - by @jugmac00. (#2617)

v4.0.2 (2022-12-07)

Bugfixes - 4.0.2

  • Unescaped comma in substitution should not be replaced during INI expansion - by @gaborbernat. (#2616)

  • tox --showconfig -e py311 reports tox section, though it should not - by @gaborbernat. (#2624)

v4.0.1 (2022-12-07)

Bugfixes - 4.0.1

v4.0.0 (2022-12-07)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0

  • The temporary folder within the tox environment was named .temp instead of .tmp - by @gaborbernat. (#2608)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0

  • Enumerate breaking changes of tox 4 in the FAQ, and also list major new improvements - by @gaborbernat. (#2587)

  • Document in the FAQ that tox 4 will raise a warning when finding conflicting environment names - by @gaborbernat. (#2602)

v4.0.0rc4 (2022-12-06)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0rc4

Deprecations and Removals - 4.0.0rc4

  • Remove deprecated configuration option whitelist_externals which was replaced by allowlist_externals - by @jugmac00. (#2599)

v4.0.0rc3 (2022-12-05)

Features - 4.0.0rc3

  • Add --exit-and-dump-after flag that allows automatically killing tox if does not finish within the passed seconds, and dump the thread stacks (useful to debug tox when it seemingly hangs) - by @gaborbernat. (#2595)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0rc3

  • Ensure that two parallel tox instance invocations on different tox environment targets will work by holding a file lock onto the packaging operations (e.g., in bash tox4 r -e py311 &; tox4 r -e py310) - by @gaborbernat. (#2594)

  • Fix leaking backend processes when the build backend does not support editable wheels and fix failure when multiple environments exist that have a build backend that does not support editable wheels - by @gaborbernat. (#2595)

v4.0.0rc2 (2022-12-04)

Features - 4.0.0rc2

  • Support for recursive extras in Python package dependencies - by @gaborbernat. (#2567)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0rc2

  • Support in INI files for ignore exit code marker the - without a subsequent space too - by @gaborbernat. (#2561)

  • Ensure paths constructed by tox are stable by resolving relative paths to fully qualified one, this insures that running tox from a different folder than project root still generates meaningful paths - by @gaborbernat. (#2562)

  • Ensure only on run environment operates at a time on a packaging environment (fixes unexpected failures when running in parallel mode) - by @gaborbernat. (#2564)

  • Fallback to editable-legacy if package target is editable but the build backend does not have build_editable hook - by @gaborbernat. (#2567)

  • Allow reference replacement in INI configuration via keys that contain the - character - by @gaborbernat. (#2569)

  • Resolve symlinks when saving Python executable path - by @ssbarnea. (#2574)

  • Do not set COLUMNS or LINES environment to the current TTY size if already set by the user - by @gaborbernat. (#2575)

  • Add missing build[virtualenv] test dependency - by @ssbarnea. (#2576)

v4.0.0rc1 (2022-11-29)

Features - 4.0.0rc1

Bugfixes - 4.0.0rc1

  • Allow installing relative paths that go outside tox root folder. - by @ssbarnea. (#2366)

v4.0.0b3 (2022-11-27)

Features - 4.0.0b3

  • Improve coloring of logged commands - by @ssbarnea. (#2356)

  • Pass PROGRAMDATA, PROGRAMFILES(x86), PROGRAMFILES environments on Windows by default as it is needed for discovering the VS C++ compiler and start testing against 3.11 - by @gaborbernat. (#2492)

  • Support PEP-621 static metadata for getting package dependencies - by @gaborbernat. (#2499)

  • Add support for editable wheels, make it the default development mode and rename dev-legacy mode to editable-legacy - by @gaborbernat. (#2502)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0b3

  • Recognize TERM=dumb or NO_COLOR environment variables. - by @ssbarnea. (#1290)

  • Allow passing config directory without filename. - by @ssbarnea. (#2340)

  • Avoid ignored explicit argument ‘re’ console message. - by @ssbarnea. (#2342)

  • Display registered plugins with tox --version - by @mxd4. (#2358)

  • Allow --hash to be specified in requirements.txt files. - by @masenf. (#2373)

  • Avoid impossible minversion version requirements. - by @ssbarnea. (#2414)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0b3

v4.0.0b2 (2022-04-11)

Features - 4.0.0b2

Bugfixes - 4.0.0b2

  • Fix CLI raises an error for -va with ignored explicit argument 'a' - by @gaborbernat. (#2343)

  • Do not interpolate values when parsing tox.ini configuration files - by @gaborbernat. (#2350)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0b2

v4.0.0b1 (2022-02-05)

Features - 4.0.0b1

  • Display a hint for unrecognized argument CLI parse failures to use -- separator to pass arguments to commands - by @gaborbernat. (#2183)

  • Do not allow extending the config set beyond setup to ensures that all configuration values are visible via the config sub-command. - by @gaborbernat. (#2243)

  • Print a message when ignoring outcome of commands - by @gaborbernat. (#2315)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0b1

  • Fix type annotation is broken for tox.config.sets.ConfigSet.add_config() when adding a container type - by @gaborbernat. (#2233)

  • Insert TOX_WORK_DIR, TOX_ENV_NAME, TOX_ENV_DIR and VIRTUAL_ENV into the environment variables for all tox environments to keep contract with tox version 3 - by @gaborbernat. (#2259)

  • Fix plugin initialization order - core plugins first, then 3rd party and finally inline - by @gaborbernat. (#2264)

  • Legacy parallel mode should accept -p flag without arguments - by @gaborbernat. (#2299)

  • Sequential run fails because the packaging environment is deleted twice for sequential runs with recreate flag on - by @gaborbernat. (#2300)

  • Require Python 3.10 to generate docs - by @jugmac00. (#2321)

  • Environment assignment for output breaks when using -rv (when we cannot guess upfront the verbosity level from the CLI arguments) - by @gaborbernat. (#2324)

  • devenv command does not respect specified path - by @gaborbernat. (#2325)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0b1

v4.0.0a10 (2022-01-04)

Features - 4.0.0a10

Bugfixes - 4.0.0a10

  • Fix CTRL+C is not stopping the process on Windows - by @gaborbernat. (#2159)

  • Fix list/depends commands can create tox package environment as runtime environment and display an error message - by @gaborbernat. (PR #2234)

Deprecations and Removals - 4.0.0a10

  • tox_add_core_config and tox_add_env_config now take a state: State argument instead of a configuration one, and Config not longer provides the envs property (instead users should migrate to State.envs) - by @gaborbernat. (PR #2275)

v4.0.0a9 (2021-09-16)

Features - 4.0.0a9

  • Expose the parsed CLI arguments on the main configuration object for plugins and allow plugins to define their own configuration section – by @gaborbernat. (PR #2191)

  • Let tox run fail when all envs are skipped – by @jugmac00. (#2195)

  • Expose the configuration loading mechanism to plugins to define and load their own sections. Add tox_add_env_config plugin hook called after the configuration environment is created for a tox environment and removed tox_configure. Add the main configuration object as argument to tox_add_core_config. Move the environment list method from the state to the main configuration object to allow its use within plugins – by @gaborbernat. (#2200)

  • Allow running code in plugins before and after commands via tox_before_run_commands and tox_after_run_commands plugin points – by @gaborbernat. (#2201)

  • Allow plugins to update the set_env and change the pass_env configurations – by @gaborbernat. (#2215)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0a9

  • Fix env variable substitutions with defaults containing colon (e.g. URL) – by @comabrewer. (#2182)

  • Do not allow constructing ConfigSet directly and implement __contains__ for Loader – by @gaborbernat. (PR #2209)

  • Fix old-new value on recreate cache miss-match are swapped – by @gaborbernat. (#2211)

  • Report fails when report does not support Unicode characters – by @gaborbernat. (#2213)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0a9

  • Adopt furo theme, update our state diagram and description in user docs (SVG + light/dark variant), split the Python API into its own page from under the plugin page, and document plugin adoption under the tox-dev organization - by @gaborbernat. (#1881)

v4.0.0a8 (2021-08-21)

Features - 4.0.0a8

  • Add support for allowlist_externals, commands not matching error - by @gaborbernat. (#1127)

  • Add outcome of environments into the result json (–result-json) under the result key containing success boolean, exit_code integer and duration float value - by @gaborbernat. (#1405)

  • Add exec subcommand that allows users to run an arbitrary command within the tox environment (without needing to modify their configuration) - by @gaborbernat. (#1790)

  • Add check to validate the base Python names and the environments name do not conflict Python spec wise, when they do raise error if ignore_base_python_conflict is not set or False - by @gaborbernat. (#1840)

  • Allow any Unix shell-style wildcards expression for pass_env - by @gaborbernat. (#2121)

  • Add support for args_are_paths flag - by @gaborbernat. (#2122)

  • Add support for env_log_dir (compared to tox 3 extend content and keep only last run entries) - by @gaborbernat. (#2123)

  • Add support for {:} substitution in ini files as placeholder for the OS path separator - by @gaborbernat. (#2125)

  • When cleaning directories (for tox environment, env_log_dir, env_tmp_dir and packaging metadata folders) do not delete the directory itself and recreate, but instead just delete its content (this allows the user to cd into it and still be in a valid folder after a new run) - by @gaborbernat. (PR #2139)

  • Changes to help plugin development: simpler tox env creation argument list, expose python creation directly, allow skipping list dependencies install command for pip and executable is only part of the python cache for virtualenv - by @gaborbernat. (PR #2172)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0a8

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0a8

v4.0.0a7 (2021-07-28)

Features - 4.0.0a7

  • Add support for configuration taken from the setup.cfg file -by @gaborbernat. (#1836)

  • Add support for configuration taken from the pyproject.toml file, tox section legacy_tox_ini key - by @gaborbernat. (#1837)

  • Add configuration documentation - by @gaborbernat. (#1914)

  • Implemented [] substitution (alias for {posargs}) - by @hexagonrecursion. (#1928)

  • Implement [testenv] ignore_outcome - “a failing result of this testenv will not make tox fail” - by @hexagonrecursion. (#1947)

  • Inline plugin support via This is loaded where the tox config source is discovered. It’s a Python file that can contain arbitrary Python code, such as definition of a plugin. Eventually we’ll add a plugin that allows succinct declaration/generation of new tox environments - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1963)

  • Introduce the installer concept, and collect pip installation into a pip package, also attach to this the requirements file parsing which got a major rework - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1991)

  • Support CPython 3.10 -by @gaborbernat. (PR #2014)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0a7

  • Environments with a platform mismatch are no longer silently skipped, but properly reported - by @jugmac00. (#1926)

  • Port pip requirements file parser to tox to achieve full equivalency (such as support for the per requirement --install-option and --global-option flags) - by @gaborbernat. (#1929)

  • Support for extras with paths for Python deps and requirement files - by @gaborbernat. (#1933)

  • Due to a bug \{posargs} {posargs} used to expand to literal {posargs} {posargs}. Now the second {posargs} is expanded. \{posargs} {posargs} expands to {posargs} positional arguments here - by @hexagonrecursion. (#1956)

  • Enable setting a different upstream repository for the coverage diff report. This has been hardcoded to upstream/rewrite until now. by @jugmac00. (#1972)

  • Enable replacements (a.k.a section substitutions) for section names containing a dash in sections without the testenv: prefix - by @jugmac00, @obestwalter, @eumiro. (#1985)

  • Fix legacy list env command for empty/missing envlist - by @jugmac00. (#1987)

  • Requirements and constraints files handling got reimplemented, which should fix all open issues related to this area - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1991)

  • Use importlib instead of __import__ - by @dmendek. (#1995)

  • Evaluate factor conditions for command keys - by @jugmac00. (#2002)

  • Prefer f-strings instead of the str.format method - by @eumiro. (#2012)

  • Fix regex validation for SHA 512 hashes - by @jugmac00. (#2018)

  • Actually run all environments when ALL is provided to the legacy env command - by @jugmac00. (#2112)

  • Move from appdirs to platformdirs - by @gaborbernat. (PR #2117)

  • Move from toml to tomli - by @gaborbernat. (PR #2118)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0a7

v4.0.0a6 (2021-02-15)

Features - 4.0.0a6

  • Add basic quickstart implementation (just use pytest with the current Python version) - by @gaborbernat. (#1829)

  • Support comments via the # character within the ini configuration (to force a literal # use \#) - by @gaborbernat. (#1831)

  • Add support for the install_command settings in the virtual env test environments - by @gaborbernat. (#1832)

  • Add support for the package_root setupdir ( Python scoped) configuration that sets the root directory used for packaging (the location of the historical and modern pyproject.toml). This can be set at root level, or at tox environment level (the later takes precedence over the former) - by @gaborbernat. (#1838)

  • Implement support for the --installpkg CLI flag - by @gaborbernat. (#1839)

  • Add support for the list_dependencies_command settings in the virtual env test environments - by @gaborbernat. (#1842)

  • Add support for the ignore_errors settings in tox test environments - by @gaborbernat. (#1843)

  • Add support for the pip_pre settings for virtual environment based tox environments - by @gaborbernat. (#1844)

  • Add support for the platform settings in tox test environments - by @gaborbernat. (#1845)

  • Add support for the recreate settings in tox test environments - by @gaborbernat. (#1846)

  • Allow Python test and packaging environments with version 2.7 - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1900)

  • Do not construct a requirements file for deps in virtualenv, instead pass content as CLI argument to pip - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1906)

  • Do not display status update environment reports when interrupted or for the final environment ran (because at the final report will be soon printed and makes the status update redundant) - by @gaborbernat. (#1909)

  • The _TOX_SHOW_THREAD environment variable can be used to print alive threads when tox exists (useful to debug when tox hangs because of some non-finished thread) and also now prints the pid of the local subprocess when reporting the outcome of an execution - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1915)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0a6

  • Normalize description text to collapse newlines and one or more than whitespace to a single space - by @gaborbernat. (#1829)

  • Support aliases in show config key specification (will print with the primary key) - by @gaborbernat. (#1831)

  • Show config no longer marks as unused keys that are inherited (e.g. if the key is coming from testenv section and our target is testenv:fix) - by @gaborbernat. (#1833)

  • --alwayscopy and --sitepackages legacy only flags do not work - by @gaborbernat. (#1839)

  • Fix handling of commands_pre/commands/commands_post to be in line with tox 3 (returned incorrect exit codes and post was not always executed) - by @gaborbernat. (#1843)

  • Support requirement files containing --hash constraints - by @gaborbernat. (#1903)

  • Fix a bug that caused tox to never finish when pulling configuration from a tox run environment that was never executed - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1915)

Deprecations and Removals - 4.0.0a6

    • Drop support for sdistsrc flag because introduces a significant complexity and is barely used (5 hits on a github search).

    • --skip-missing-interpreters, --notest, --sdistonly, --installpkg, --develop and --skip-pkg-install CLI flags are no longer available for devenv (enforce the only sane value for these).

    By @gaborbernat (#1839)

  • Remove Jenkins override support: this feature goes against the spirit of tox - blurring the line between the CI and local runs. It also singles out a single CI provider, which opens the door for other CIs wanting similar functionality. Finally, only 54 code file examples came back on a Github search, showing this is a not widely used feature. People who still want Jenkins override support may create a tox plugin to achieve this functionality - by @gaborbernat. (#1841)

v4.0.0a5 (2021-01-23)

Features - 4.0.0a5

  • Support the system_site_packages/sitepackages flag for virtual environment based tox environments - by @gaborbernat. (#1847)

  • Support the always_copy/alwayscopy flag for virtual environment based tox environments - by @gaborbernat. (#1848)

  • Support the download flag for virtual environment based tox environments - by @gaborbernat. (#1849)

  • Recreate virtual environment based tox environments when the virtualenv version changes - by @gaborbernat. (#1865)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0a5

  • Not all package dependencies are installed when different tox environments in the same run use different set of extras - by @gaborbernat. (#1868)

  • Support = separator in requirement file flags, directories as requirements and correctly set the root of the requirements file when using the --root CLI flag to change the root - by @gaborbernat. (#1853)

  • Cleanup local subprocess file handlers when exiting runs (fixes ResourceWarning: unclosed file errors when running with env PYTHONTRACEMALLOC=5 PYTHONDEVMODE=y under a Python built with --with-pydebug) - by @gaborbernat. (#1857)

  • Various small bugfixes:

    • honor updating default environment variables set by internal tox via set env (PIP_DISABLE_PIP_VERSION_CHECK)

    • do not multi-wrap HandledError in the ini file loader,

    • skipped environments are logged now with their fail message at default verbosity level,

    • fix an error that made the show configuration command crash when making the string of a config value failed,

    • support empty-new lines within the set env configurations replacements,

    by @gaborbernat. (PR #1864)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0a5

v4.0.0a4 (2021-01-16)

Features - 4.0.0a4

  • Use .tox/4 instead of .tox4 folder (so ignores for tox 3 works for tox 4 too), reminder we’ll rename this to just .tox before public release, however to encourage testing tox 4 in parallel with tox 3 this is helpful - by @gaborbernat. (#1812)

  • Colorize the config command: section headers are yellow, keys are green, values remained white, exceptions are light red and comments are cyan - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1821)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0a4

  • Support legacy format (-cconstraint.txt) of constraint files in deps, and expand constraint files too when viewing inside the deps or calculating weather our environment is up to date or not - by @gaborbernat. (#1788)

  • When specifying requirements/editable/constraint paths within deps escape space, unless already escaped to support running specifying transitive requirements files within deps - by @gaborbernat. (#1792)

  • When using a provisioned tox environment requesting --recreate failed with AttributeError - by @gaborbernat. (#1793)

  • Fix RequirementsFile from tox is rendered incorrectly in config command - by @gaborbernat. (#1820)

  • Fix a bug in the configuration system where referring to the same named key in another env/section causes circular dependency error - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1821)

  • Raise ValueError with descriptive message when a requirements file specified does not exist - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1828)

  • Support all valid requirement file specification without delimiting space in the deps of the tox.ini - by @gaborbernat. (#1834)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0a4

v4.0.0a3 (2021-01-13)

Features - 4.0.0a3

  • Raise exception when set env enters into a circular reference - by @gaborbernat. (#1779)

    • Raise exception when variable substitution enters into a circle.

    • Add {/} as substitution for os specific path separator.

    • Add {env_bin_dir} constant substitution.

    • Implement support for --discover flag - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1784)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0a3

  • Entries in the set_env does not reference environments from set_env - by @gaborbernat. (#1776)

  • env substitution does not uses values from set_env - by @gaborbernat. (#1779)

  • Adopt tox 3 base pass env list, by adding:


    • on Windows: SYSTEMDRIVE - by @gaborbernat. (#1780)

  • Fixed a bug that crashed tox where calling tox with the recreate flag and when multiple environments were reusing the same package - by @gaborbernat. (#1782)

    • Python version markers are stripped in package dependencies (after wrongfully being detected as an extra marker).

    • In packaging APIs do not set PYTHONPATH (to empty string) if backend-path is empty.

    • Fix commands parsing on Windows (do not auto-escape \ - instead users should use the new {\}, and on parsed arguments strip both ' and " quoted outcomes).

    • Allow windows paths in substitution set/default (the : character used to separate substitution arguments may also be present in paths on Windows - do not support single capital letter values as substitution arguments) - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1784)

  • Rework how we handle Python packaging environments:

    • the base packaging environment changed from .package to .pkg,

    • merged the sdist, wheel and dev separate packaging implementations into one, and internally dynamically pick the one that’s needed,

    • the base packaging environment always uses the same Python environment as tox is installed into,

    • the base packaging environment is used to get the metadata of the project (via PEP-517) and to build sdist and dev packages,

    • for building wheels introduced a new per env configurable option wheel_build_env, if the target Python major/minor and implementation for the run tox environment and the base package tox environment matches set this to .pkg, otherwise this is .pkg-{implementation}{major}{minor},

    • internally now packaging environments can create further packaging environments they are responsible of managing,

    • updated depends to use the packaging logic,

    • add support skip missing interpreters for depends and show config,

    by @gaborbernat. (#1804)

v4.0.0a2 (2021-01-09)

Features - 4.0.0a2

  • Add option to disable colored output, and support NO_COLOR and FORCE_COLOR environment variables - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1630)

Bugfixes - 4.0.0a2

  • Fix coverage generation in CI - by @gaborbernat. (PR #1551)

  • Fix the CI failures:

    • drop Python 3.5 support as it’s not expected to get to a release before EOL,

    • fix test using \n instead of os.linesep,

    • Windows Python 3.6 does not contain _overlapped.ReadFileInto

    • by @gaborbernat. (PR #1556)

Improved Documentation - 4.0.0a2


  • First version all is brand new.


The current tox is the second iteration of implementation. From version 0.5 all the way to 3.X we numbered the first iteration. Version 4.0.0a1 is a complete rewrite of the package, and as such this release history starts from there. The old changelog is still available in the legacy branch documentation.