Source code for tox.hookspecs

""" Hook specifications for tox.


from pluggy import HookspecMarker, HookimplMarker

hookspec = HookspecMarker("tox")
hookimpl = HookimplMarker("tox")

[docs]def tox_addoption(parser): """ add command line options to the argparse-style parser object."""
[docs]def tox_configure(config): """ called after command line options have been parsed and the ini-file has been read. Please be aware that the config object layout may change as its API was not designed yet wrt to providing stability (it was an internal thing purely before tox-2.0). """
[docs]def tox_get_python_executable(envconfig): """ return a python executable for the given python base name. The first plugin/hook which returns an executable path will determine it. ``envconfig`` is the testenv configuration which contains per-testenv configuration, notably the ``.envname`` and ``.basepython`` setting. """
[docs]def tox_testenv_create(venv, action): """ [experimental] perform creation action for this venv. """
[docs]def tox_testenv_install_deps(venv, action): """ [experimental] perform install dependencies action for this venv. """
[docs]def tox_runtest_pre(venv): """ [experimental] perform arbitrary action before running tests for this venv. This could be used to indicate that tests for a given venv have started, for instance. """
[docs]def tox_runtest_post(venv): """ [experimental] perform arbitrary action after running tests for this venv. This could be used to have per-venv test reporting of pass/fail status. """